Help for migrants and those who know them. from Ellie Baker on Vimeo.

In 2012 there were  214 million immigrants in the world according to the UNFPA.  Whatever the reason for migrating, most immigrants feel the pull of their country of origin at some stage, the need to visit ‘home’ or to have loved ones visit; the feeling of , 'not being from here;' missing family and friends in significant times of celebration. How do immigrants deal with these issues?  

This site has the intention of making immigrants more settled than they are now. It will share stories and offer tips, experiences that could be of interest and help to: immigrants, those who love immigrants, those who are considering immigrating or those who are interested in life as an immigrant.

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Her book, launched in August 2014, will be a help to migrants to get through some of the difficult
stages of immigration. With its strategies and stories from over 25 migrants, it also serves as a great insight to life as a migrant.

Ellie is available for workshops and public speaking contact her by email.

Ellie has been an immigrant for over 25 years and counting. She has researched and written about immigrants living with the pull of home. She wants to see immigrants feel more settled. She is happily married to David and is a mother of four young adults. She lives in Mangatangi, New Zealand