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Newsletter 24. February 2018
Three Painful questions for migrants. 
What is like not being able to speak the language, for them, for me?

Newsletter 23. November 2017

What are the reasons for overqualified migrants? What can help?

How to get on better with everyone, including in-laws. Worst and best countries for women and emotional words English language could do with.

Newsletter 21 May 17
Surprise visits, missing out and who is more intelligent?

Why comedians making us laugh makes us think. Many funny clips here.

The world's worst cultural mistakes. How many do you know? How many do you do?

Would You change your name to get a job? Replies to racist comments. A moving migrant poem  and more.

Newsletter 17 Aug 16
 Where are you from? Better integration.Homesickness and Humour

Half way through the year - what you need to know about the summer solstice. Immigrant cluster groups, good or bad? So you have loved ones overseas? Would you like to be better among diversity?

I'm back after being to my country of origin to visit then bury my mother. Trials of technology. Insurance warning for migrants and migrants having to side step their career. 

Ways to improve the grandparent/grandchild relationship.

Cultural Intelligence, what is it and how much do you have?


Ten tips to make a great first impression



Immigrants are like trees, and this is no a knicker fetish!

Not me, but I prbably looked similar

Warning: Emotions overpower economics for return migration


Marriage, Communicating and Picking Plums


9 Strategies For A Happier Immigrant Christmas


Double Wedding Ceremonies

Launching Books To Boulders


How Migrants Help Each Other Online


Dual Citizenship. Is It Worth It?


The Zen of Feeling An Outsider

If more than one outsider is gathered, are they still outsiders?

12 Ways To Overcome Homesickness and more


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