15 Jun 2013

Connecting with grandchildren

What will happen if your children decide to immigrate?  Thinking about this may help you appreciate some of the feelings your parents had when you announced that you were going to emigrate.

Would you miss your grandchildren?  Your parents are probably concerned they won't know or be known enough by their grandchildren. What can you do?

Strategy: Have a plan of how you can keep your children connected to their grandparents. Skype, phone calls, visits, facebook.

Meeting Migrants

Since deciding to write about migrants and their emotional challenges they have, I seem to be meeting migrants on every corner. If they are not migrants, then they are parents of migrants. This is encouraging. I want to hand them my card, but I haven't quite got it ready. I am typing this at a course Selling books on line, how to create a blog by Jocelyn Watkin, director of www.thestorybridge.co.nz.
I am feeling like an adventurer, delving into the possibilities of the world wide web where I can give rather than just research and receive.
This blog is about making migrants feel more settled. The more I meet, the more I hear their feelings of the pull of home is universal. I'll be exploring this later and suggesting strategies to deal with the emotional challenges of being an immigrant.