29 Jul 2013

Sit back, enjoy, your time will come

There are some movies you can see over and over again. Even if they are soppy, they just resonate with you in the right way at the time. There are some parts of a movie that you can watch over and over. The end of Love Actually is a favorite. People are reunited with their family and friends at the airport arrival gate. I love watching the genuine embraces and expressions, smiling, tears of happiness. Great camera work (A team was at Heathrow for a week filming this footage.) Watching the collection of those joy filled moments makes me smile and look forward to that time in the future, when it will be me with my arms around a loved one, touching cheeks and feeling each others tears of joy. Here is a snippet of the ending.Enjoy the loving

In Mixed Marriages, who gets to stay in their homeland?

I met my husband in his homeland and we stayed there. Another couple I know met in her homeland and they moved to his. I would love to know if there is an even mix of mixed marriage couple's locations. It seems most of the mixed marriages I have come across, have the women as the immigrant. I could put this down to the fact that I am more drawn to women immigrants, so I know more immigrant women than immigrant men.

Perhaps as suggested in the article Do Men Suffer More Homesickness Than Women? women are geared up to be homemakers so they feel they can make a home where they need. I know as an independent twenty year old, I thought I could make a home anywhere. It turned out to be harder than I thought, especially being so distant from my homeland. Once we became established, it seemed too overwhelming to re-start a life in my homeland and expose my husband to the homesickness trials I had been through.

So we are still in his homeland. We are able to live in a lifestyle that suits us both in enough ways. I guess that is the deal breaker. Which country do you, as a couple or family, think you will have a life that you will be most happy in?