17 Dec 2016

Christmas help

Celebration time in some parts of the world. Holiday time in others. Here is a useful resource from my book, chapter 14 on Surviving Christmas and other cultural celebrations. Read the chapter as a PDF here.

Here are some of my previous blogs for help with Christmas

Nine Strategies for a happier Christmas

If you are about to fly with children, you may find this useful
How to reduce fear of flying with children

And if that isn't enough here are another couple of helpful links from other bloggers.

Wishing you a wonderful festive season with love laughter and hope for a great year ahead.

1 Dec 2016

Underwear-undercover familiarity

This is not a knicker fetish

This was originally posted on my newsletter. I thought it worth posting on my blog.
    Why do I keep buying M&S knickers?
M&S knickers    I don’t have an underwear fetish, but as my lingerie drawer contents is looking more like  ‘lingertoolong’ underwear, my thought process jumps to - need more M&S knickers, about time I went to M&S, England. 
    I hear you cry, ‘Why not buy online!