1 Dec 2016

Underwear-undercover familiarity

This is not a knicker fetish

This was originally posted on my newsletter. I thought it worth posting on my blog.
    Why do I keep buying M&S knickers?
M&S knickers    I don’t have an underwear fetish, but as my lingerie drawer contents is looking more like  ‘lingertoolong’ underwear, my thought process jumps to - need more M&S knickers, about time I went to M&S, England. 
    I hear you cry, ‘Why not buy online!
’ I have done previously, but there comes a time when the sad knickers are a daily reminder that it has been too long since I have been to England to see family, friends and (stock up on knickers.) There is more to underwear than meets the eye.  
    Yes, I can buy them online, but then buying them will allow me to put off making decisions for a trip that I know I need to do anyway.
My underwear may not be the dictator of my homeland trip but it is definitely a mark in time. It's been long enough since the last visit. 
    But why do I need to revert to M&S knickers when there are perfectly adequate ones here in New Zealand?  Before I start to theorise, I take comfort in that I am not alone. A New Zealander once said that although they have loved working in London for the last few years, when they visit family in NZ, restocking on Bendon, their favourite brand of NZ underwear is a high priority.
     So why is familiar underwear so precious to us? We are creatures of habit, intrepid explorers, prepared to give up friends, family and familiarity of our homeland, but when it comes to the garments most intimate with us, only the most familiar will do. Perhaps as migrants we feel we have changed and adapted enough, that having to find another underwear that fits and is comfortable is just one change too many. 
    Fashion gurus, stylists and underwear salespeople will tell you that with great underwear, you will feel great. So maybe with familiar underwear, the underwear of our formative years, we can feel a familiarity. Outwardly we appear to be fully acclimatised to our new environment, whereas secretly in an undercover-underwear kind of way we are holding onto a piece of our previous life. On a daily basis the underclothes give us secret comfort.  Be ready M&S a bulk purchase is coming up.

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