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The Emotional Challenges of Immigration

Written by Ellie Baker, who knows the pain of immigration and leaving her former home in the UK. Ellie embarked on creating and discovering the best methods to deal with the effects of immigration and furthermore raising a family.

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This book deals with the many unanticipated feelings and challenges that come with immigration. It can be a bedside companion to remind you that, although you may be far away, you are not alone. In its pages you will discover how to:
  • Recognise and overcome the frequent emotional challenges of being an immigrant
  • Prepare for visits ‘here’ and ‘there’
  • Cope with the sense of loss
  • Acknowledge the effects of immigration on your career and marriage
  • realise how settled you are in your adopted country

" ...a sincere and well-written manual... it points out the challenges and struggles of the migratory process, but at the same time, the rewards of being able to ‘survive’ away from home."
Maria Angel, BA, Msc, MRes, Doctoral Candidate, Anthropology Department, University College London

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Reviews/ Comments on the book:

Ellie Baker has included a huge variety of subjects that impact the immigrant, more than I would have guessed prior to reading it. The chapter on overseas visitors is priceless and made me yearn for the times when my late parents came out here, throwing our lives into chaos in our struggle to give them a wonderful time.
Another subject I loved reading about was the farewelling of your overseas visitors. She talks of PLT (pre-leaving tension – lovely, isn’t it). Those silly thoughts…this is the last lunch we’ll have…this is the last night, I must make it fantastic…tomorrow she’ll be gone – that sort of thing." Read more
Flaxroots reviews March 2015

Ellie Baker hopes the book “The Emotional Challenges of Immigration” will help new migrants to countries all over the world. The book draws on Baker’s own experiences. Each chapter includes Baker’s own heart-warming and humorous anecdotes, as well as those of 25 other migrant women in New Zealand, and ends with key points and coping strategies when moving to and adapting to a new country. The 21 easy-to-read chapters cover everything from the process of moving – telling relatives and packing to the settling in process and cultural identity. Baker says her book recounts many common experiences that new migrants feel including “feeling like an outsider, guilt at leaving loved ones behind, using up a significant proportion of finances and holiday leave on trips ‘home’ and dealing with different cultural celebrations”. The messages in the book apply to both male and female new migrants to any new country, not just New Zealand.

An excellent book for anyone considering migrating - new migrants and even experienced ones. Having moved countries several times I hadn’t realised how much I’d had to learn slowly and through experience - this book will help you take the short cut!
Kim Chamberlain, Author of over 10 books on personal development, Speaker ATM, APS

This book is a must-read for immigrants and those considering immigration. Ellie Baker weaves the story of her own experience as an immigrant with those of similar women. She reflects deeply on the feelings and experiences an immigrant will encounter throughout different life stages in a new country. Her book validates the impressions and reactions of those living in a new country and prepares the new immigrant for the life that lies ahead. She writes clearly, with empathy for those who have made the journey and for those left behind. This is a brave book that refuses to accept 'no-go-areas.' It is packed with psychological depth and practical strategies.
Henriette Politano, BA, Dip.Couns, Reg. Psychotherapist (PBANZ), MNZAC, MITAA, IARPP

I do believe it is a much-needed book; I sure could have used it in my first year in New Zealand. Despite having a wonderful husband and loving New Zealand, I felt depressed and I didn’t quite understand why. Your book would have helped me normalise my feelings, pointing me to the reasons why and to the possible solutions.
Emmy Spijker, from The Netherlands 

As an immigrant myself, reading the testimonies of the contributors to this book was like looking into a mirror of my own experiences. Ellie Baker has written a sincere and well-written manual that can help anyone about to emigrate from their homeland, and anyone suffering from the pangs of homesickness. Through the richness of immigrants’ experiences, it points out the challenges and struggles of the migratory process, but at the same time, the rewards of being able to ‘survive’ away from home.
Maria Angel, BA, Msc, MRes, Doctoral Candidate, Anthropology Department, University College London

It was insightful, humorous and very practical. I’m sure it will be eagerly devoured by immigrants, their families and those thinking of emigrating. I even think there are pointers for people relocating within a country.
Linda Grigg, Freelance writer

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LAUNCH DATE was 26th August 2014 and it was great!

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  1. Thank you!!! What a relief! That's exactly what I've been looking for since 2.5 years while facing the challenges of immigration... thank you so much, Sandra

    1. Thank you Sandra, it is great to hear it will help you.