15 Jun 2013

Meeting Migrants

Since deciding to write about migrants and their emotional challenges they have, I seem to be meeting migrants on every corner. If they are not migrants, then they are parents of migrants. This is encouraging. I want to hand them my card, but I haven't quite got it ready. I am typing this at a course Selling books on line, how to create a blog by Jocelyn Watkin, director of www.thestorybridge.co.nz.
I am feeling like an adventurer, delving into the possibilities of the world wide web where I can give rather than just research and receive.
This blog is about making migrants feel more settled. The more I meet, the more I hear their feelings of the pull of home is universal. I'll be exploring this later and suggesting strategies to deal with the emotional challenges of being an immigrant.

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  1. Thanks for the plug for The Story Bridge. Keep going with your posts - you're onto something good here.