21 Feb 2014

Missing Settlement Sites

Where is the help for new immigrants? As a prospective migrant, you can usually look at an immigration department's web site to see how you match up to the migration requirements. Once in your adopted country, there is often limited or no information available to help you integrate and settle there.
I have been searching the web for government or not-for-profit sites which will offer help to new migrants
. I found government-based sites helping new migrants in:

Canada : For New Immigrants

Well done to them. 

Perhaps I have been looking for these sites in the wrong places. I am interested in finding sites which help new immigrants. If you know any government or not for profit organisation sites that will help new immigrants I would love to hear from you.

Just in case you thought migration is a minor issue, according to people movin there are almost 216 million migrants, that is 3.15% of the world's population. The picture to the right is their pictorial representation of movement flows of migrants across the world.  Click here and you can look up your adopted country and see where the migrants came from, or where the migrants from your homeland moved to.

I would love to hear from anyone who can pass on government-based or not-for-profit organisations sites who are set up to help new migrants. Please add the sites in the comments box below. It may say, 'No comments,' don't be put off, it just means you will be the first. So click on the link and share your information. Feel free to add any feedback or suggestions too. It is always welcome.

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